10/20: 40 by 40

Hi, there!  It has been awhile since I’ve written.  It has been a crazy few months but my little guy is now 4 months old and so amazing.  We are settled into a routine and I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging.  I figure since I’ll be 35 in February, a good place to start is with a 40 by 4o list.  I really enjoyed doing my new things during my 30th year and I look forward to many new adventures.  Here’s my list so far.  Any ideas are welcome- this is just my first attempt at organizing some potential adventures and good deeds.  These are in no particular order and include some easy and some that are a stretch (financially, time-wise, or mentally.)

  1. see the Northern Lights
  2. hang glide
  3. invent something
  4. Lasik
  5. visit a new continent (Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, or a super dream of Antarctica)
  6. run a race for charity
  7. leave a huge tip for spectacular service
  8. learn ASL (American Sign Language)
  9. have another baby
  10. write and publish a book
  11. create a website
  12. ski out west
  13. volunteer 100 hours
  14. ride in a helicopter
  15. go to a Red Sox/Yankees game
  16. drive a stick shift
  17. change a tire
  18. make a will while I’m young(ish) and healthy
  19. be in a movie or on tv
  20. get professional photos taken
  21. do the worm
  22. improve my Spanish drastically
  23. safely shoot a gun at the gun range
  24. cross country ski
  25. write letters to all of the important people in my life
  26. find religion
  27. go to a Blessing of the Animals
  28. meditate every day for one month
  29. test drive a Smart car
  30. re-read ten classic novels
  31. get a reading from a medium
  32. skydive
  33. go to Oktoberfest
  34. pay my respects at Ground Zero
  35. register as a bone marrow donor
  36. go on a ghost hunt
  37. learn self-defense
  38. get a cosmetic procedure
  39. get another degree or certification (in my field- education)
  40. ???????



4/28 #2: Baby Shower Day!

Oh my- what a terrific celebration.  We are overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity.  The baby got every single thing he will need and a million clothes. He definitely will be the best dressed infant around.

Baby, your aunts and your grandmas did an incredible job of organizing and hosting.  The shower was so wonderful.  It was a breakfast at a restaurant and it was so great.  Your dad and I are so grateful to all of the people who love you.  Cousin Laurie made a cake out of diapers! haha  Aunt Kate made a clothesline with baby clothes for your first year (including a onesie that says Cool Like Auntie.)  Aunt Jeanine talked with a friend about things new babies need and got you some awesome stuff: a bottle rack, sleep sacks, and awesome mommy and daddy stuff.  Your Grandma Dottie and Grandpa Ken got your crib (awesome!) and your dresser (which will be overflowing with clothes!), your Grandma Donna got you an awesome bunny swing, and your Grandpa Hollywood and Georgia got you some clothes, your high chair (it’s bright green! AWESOME!), baby necessities, a toy, and a book.  You are coming into a world of people who are going to adore you.  We can’t wait to meet you!

4/28: paid off my last credit card

What a surreal feeling.  The goal was to pay them off before the baby arrives and I can check it off the list.  I cannot believe I don’t have to pay off any more credit cards.  WHOOOOOOO  HOOOOOOOOO!

 Image from: http://www.geekwithlaptop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/No-More-Credit-Card-with-Google-and-NFC-Payment-Project.jpg

1/24: found out we are having a boy!

We are beyond excited.  Can’t wait until June!

1/15/12: went ice skating for the first time in 10 years

At Patriot Place (Foxboro, MA) there is a seasonal ice skating rink.  As it was 8 degrees yesterday, of course we thought it was the perfect day for skating.  haha  It was great- we had a lot of fun with my dad, his girlfriend, my sister, brother-in-law, his dad, and my niece.  Skating comes right back to you which was great- I was fairly certain I was going to break a bone at some point but I didn’t even fall.  It was fun to be outside, fun to skate, and fun to spend the day with family.

Cost: $8 +$4 skate rentalImage from: http://www.cksinfo.com/clipart/sports/skating/figure/ice-skating-2.png

12/31/11: Resolution Round Up

Well, this was a big fat fail.  2011 was a great year but I didn’t accomplish most of the things on my list of resolutions.  Here’s the link:


From 12/31/10: New List For 2011

1.  Take ASL classes to become conversational.– nope but I did learn a number of signs and am now adept at fingerspelling.

2.  Pay off credit card debt.- paid off some but still have a way to go.  Should be done by the end of 2012.

3.  Start an IRA.- no.  Didn’t even attempt to do this one.

4.  Learn 1000 Spanish words (I have a flashcard kit that I need to keep up with.) NO- How do you say “fail” in Spanish?

5.  Change my eating habits to a more healthy style.- This one I actually did.

6.  Read 125 books.– I stopped counting at 45 in July.  I did read more books (I would estimate another 20 but I didn’t come close to 125.)

7.  Travel someplace new.– YES!  I went to Prague with Brian in February.

8.  Do two adventurous things (possibly ogo and skydiving.)- I did the Warrior Dash (5K obstacle course) but that’s only one. 😦

9.  Create an educational website.– NO!  I didn’t even attempt this one either.

10.  Stop worrying so much (maybe learn meditation and yoga techniques?)-NO! But I did start doing yoga (which I suck at but enjoy) so hopefully this will work out better in 2012.

Image from: http://crazywebsite.com/Website-Clipart-Pictures-Videos/Feliz_Ano_Nuevo_2012/2012_Feliz_Ano_Nuevo_Fuegos_Artificiales_2012_Clipart-01.jpg

In hindsight, I feel that 10 resolutions may have been too ambitious.  I just have 3 for 2012:

1. Read 12 classic novels (1 per month.)

2. Be more patient.

3. Pay off my credit card debt within the year.

Happy 2012 to you and yours!

12/27: fabulous Christmas, looking forward to a super 2012

No big plans but I am really looking forward to seeing what 2012 will bring.  I have a feeling it is going to be amazing. I hope it is for you as well.  Cheers to health and happiness!

12/12/11: my goodness it has been awhile

Hi, friends,

I had no idea I hadn’t updated this blog in so long!  Sadly, I don’t have a whole lot to tell you about but I look forward to a super exciting 2012 so stay tuned!  I wish you all a happy holiday and a fabulous new year!


8/18: wishing a happy birthday to my dad

Hi, Dad,

I love you!


7/15: perfect summer day

Today was the perfect summer day.  First, I went to Hampton Beach in NH with my very best friend (since we were 13!) Melody and her super kids (and some neighbors.)  It was a perfect day for the beach- breezy, sunny, not too hot.  The kids had fun, we got to catch up, and it was nice to be out and about.

Then I headed back to the city.

My friend Noelle and I thought it would be fun to go out on the town for a girls’ night.  She came up with the superb idea of sailing in Boston Harbor then going out and about.  We went on the Liberty Clipper and it was so much fun!  You can help hoist the sail if you want, you can drink ($5 for a beer), and if you go from 6-8 you can start to see the sunset.  We had a blast.  I’d tell you about after, but things get a little hazy.  I know it involved Fanueil Hall.  http://www.libertyfleet.com/

  Image from: http://www.libertyfleet.com/images/stories/LibertyClipper/bow.jpg

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